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Since I was very young boar I always loved learning new tricks. I learned quickly and my mom ran out of things to teach me. So, she taught me how pick up a brush with my mouth, walk over to the canvas, and paint.  Eventually I began to paint with ease.  I never imagined that my love would eventually become my profession, and I am so grateful that it happened that way.  I never attended an art college, however, my artistic abilities were expanded into  performances, exhibits, TV and personal appearances. Since my youth I have worked at museums, charities, birthday parties, retirement homes, churches, schools, National TV shows including Virginia Current, Live with Regis and Kelly, Pet Star, and 15 seconds of fame on Oprah. I always love a new adventure.  Life is full of endless possibilities.   I have survived cancer two times.  Four years ago I had nasal cancer.  NCSU, Large Animal Hospital, removed the tumor and did 19 rounds of radiation.  The tumor returned this summer of 07.  Once again I got the surgery and another 19 rounds of radiation.  This time I have a hole on top of my snout.  My mom says I am still as beautiful as ever, especially my baby blue eyes. 
I am a cancer  survivor and will participate in Relay for Life in Charlotte, N.C. 2008
http://www.wral.com/news/local/video/1630410/  North Carolina Oct. 2008
http://www.inrich.com/cva/ric/entertainment_living.apx.-content-articles-RTD-2007-06-29-0040.html  July 2007  Richmond, VA.
Jan. 1,2008  Richmond, VA.
The photos below are from the North Carolina State Fair, 2008.  I had the best time ever.
Lots of good food, fun things to do, for example, come see me!!  I am a hog for the attention.
     Over the years I have developed different talents and have worked hard to merge all of my knowledge into comprehensible exhibits.
    Tricks I perform include sit down, shake hands, give a kiss, turn around, smile, stick out my tongue, and bow. Also, I demonstrate table manners, follow directions and more.  Musical talents include: play the kiddie piano, ring handbells, and play the drums.  When I paint, I pick up a brush, walk over to the canvas, paint and drop the brush.  I happily do it all over again, until I have a finished Smithfield original.
    In terms of what I enjoy most, it would have to be abstract painting, but as my mom says, "I always leave an impression". I find painting to be energizing and fun.
Performing for an audience and demonstrating my talents are my happiest moments and it allows me to produces beautiful art. My tail just wags and wags because I am so happy.  I will strike a pose, take a bow, and smile for the camera.