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Contacts & Muse
To donate to NCSU Scholarship fund in Smithfield's name
Contact NCSU  #
"Smithfield the Painting Pig"
for Vet Student at
NCSU Large Animal Hospital
Pot bellied Pig Specialist.
I believe in collaborating with my clients to display the unique images they seek.  I offer a variety of different services, depending on my clients’ needs. 
This is a partial list of the types of services I have offered up to now, but there is always the possibility that I will add more options to the list, depending on demand.
Current list of muse includes:
   -  TV and Radio Appearances    
   -  Personal Appearances
   -  Commissioned paintings
   -  State and County Fairs
   -  Events / Parties
   -  Kissing Booth
   -  Charities/Benefits/Fund Raisers
   -  Painting an object you want painted ex. Christmas tree        ornament, T-shirt, homemade pottery  
I do not have a set pricelist for  everything because each event is unique and requires different tools.  Prices are generally based on the medium of the work, length of the project, and size.  Live performances also vary.  I will gladly give you an estimate once we have discussed the work.
Please feel free to e-mail from __AM to ___PM on weekdays and ___AM to ___PM on weekends.  Eastern Time