These are some of the places where I have been, and upcoming events of where I am going.
    PORk-FOLIO :            

Where I have Been: New York City to film America's Got Talent 08New York City Live with Regis & Kelly 01Hollywood, Ca.  Pet Star 02ACAC Athletic club, Chesterfield County 12-08Hanover Academy Spring Fling 2008
Renaissance Faire Raleigh, NC March 2008
Drumstrong to fight cancer Charlotte, NC
May 3 & 4, 2008
Relay for life in Charlotte NC May 30, 2008
State Fair of Virginia 2000,01,02,03,
Pet Expo Richmond, VA. Feb. 05, 06, 07, 08
Richmond Times Dispatch Jan. 1 08
North Carolina State Fair       Oct. 2007 and Oct. 2008
TV appearances     America's Got Talent Summer 2008    Ellen Show  2-20-08 photo clip    Virginia Currents PBS Oct. 2007    Richmond News  since 1999 to present    North Carolina News beginning summer 07 
        to the present
Radio     Richmond, Va.     North Carolina    AustraliaNewspaper    Richmond, Va since 1999 to present    New York Times    USA Today 2008    Raleigh NC Observer    England News    Australia News Libraries:  Chesterfield County , Virginia  
Retirement homes(many)    2008
magazines    Japan in 2 Childrens Magazine summer 2008
Where I AM GOING:Gallery/Studio Date To Be Announced    Location: Nature Center                   Rockwood Park                   Chesterfield County, Virginia
 What have I been doing?
GREAT.  Lots of eating during the 2010 Holidays. Happy 2011New Year
wrote a book.  Looking for a publisher.
Over the years I have developed different talents and have worked hard to merge all of my knowledge intocomprehensible exhibits. 
    Tricks I perform include sit down, shake hands, give a kiss, turn around, smile, stick out my tongue, and bow. Also, I demonstrate table manners, follow directions and more.  Musical talents include: play the kiddie piano, ring handbells, and play the drums.  When I paint, I pick up a brush, walk over to the canvas, paint and drop the brush.  I happily do it all over again, until I have a finished Smithfield original.
    In terms of what I enjoy most, it would have to be abstract painting, but as my mom says, "I always leave an impression". I find painting to be energizing and fun.
Performing for an audience and demonstrating my talents are my happiest moments and it allows me to produces beautiful art. My tail just wags and wags because I am so happy.  I will strike a pose, take a bow, and smile for the camera. 
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